Pandomo® is a range of advanced cement finishes for your floor, wall or ceiling which are used to open up a wealth of exclusive design options internally.

When you’re creating floors, walls or ceilings, everything starts with your individual concept. No matter what look you decide on, whether classic, refined, homogenous or entirely unique, PANDOMO® floor toppings and wall finishes can make it happen.

PANDOMO®, one of the world’s most innovative floor and wall finishing systems, today announced its prediction of upcoming 2013/14 trends for the Australian interior space, namely internal residential and commercial walls and floors.

Internationally, PANDOMO® floor and wall finishing systems have provided home owners, interior designers and architects with a smooth, crack and impact resistant canvas on which to build their dream room. PANDOMO® works transform disjointed walls and floors, delivering a seamless openness to each and every surface it touches.

More than just concrete, PANDOMO® is a concrete surfacing system that allows home owners to transform disjointed walls and self-level floors into a unity of vision and a personal universe of their own. PANDOMO®delivers a seamless openness, harmony and modernity to every surface it touches.

PANDOMO® fills the highest requirements of style, exclusiveness and long term endurance. The principle behind PANDOMO® is as simple as it is striking; a cement-based material capable of delivering smooth, clear cut surfaces with a modern, reductionist look.

PANDOMO® can be tinted or texturised with a wide array of specially developed PANDOMO® dyes and aggregate mixes. 

PANDOMO®’s liquid concrete base creates smooth, crack and impact resistant surfaces in an almost unlimited range of colours and aggregate mixes – from a bright, bold palette of colour, warm stone finishes, gold and silver metallics, to cool slate industrial greys. Whether it be classical, contemporary or individualised, PANDOMO® will translate a homeowner’s dreams into a tangible reality. Stylish and robust floor designs can be created using the variety of finishes in the PANDOMO® flooring range and

PANDOMO® wall can be used to create smooth or unique surfaces for walls and ceilings and can provide a cost effective alternative to achieving an off form concrete look to various substrates internally. 

Pandomo Floor Plus is most used on commercials, its a self levelling and similar to PANDOMO® K1 but with a special sand reinforcement embedded into the wet flooring during installation, the Floorplus finish has an improved abrasion resistance of 30%. Ideal for medium foot traffic commercial projects,

the Floorplus finish provides a stone floor aesthetic look while having the benefits of an in-situ system. The thickness can be from 5mm to 100mm.



Pandomo Loft is similar to a burnished concrete look, the Loft finish provides a textured surface finish whilst remaining smooth under foot. The expressive character left by the trowel marks. 

– 3mm thick
– Interior use only 
– Low sheen
– Floor application

pandomo polished cement


Pandomo K1: Self levelling used to create a lightly polished concrete without exposed aggregate look, PANDOMO® K1 can be tinted to a variety of colours to express an individual design.

– Minimum 6mm thick
– Interior use only 
– Low sheen
– Floor application


Pandomo W1 is a Wall finish render, 
which brings style and robustness to a variety of substrates. Whether it be a texture or an off form concrete finish. 

– Minimum 2mm thick
– Interior use only 
– Low sheen
– Walls and Ceilings Applications

pandomo polished cement